Pastrix – Nadia Bolz Weber (@Sarcasticluther)

We are delighted that our definition of Pastrix – created when Pastor Nadia Bolz Weber was getting some unpleasant feedback in the States – has been used on the back cover of her autobiography of the same name.

The book is available from Jericho Books and is, naturally, a great read! Perhaps not one to buy for your church Buttress however!






Snatched conversation between verses in a hymn.

“What does potentate mean?”

“What the hell is unction and how does one bestow it?”

“They’re playing this too slowly!”




Movement made by an individual when either arriving to church late or nipping out during a quiet moment to the toilet – an attempt to make as little noise as possible.

“She walked with decretum down the side aisle.”




noun (pl)

Left over food after a parish ‘faith lunch’. Usually comprised of inedible vol au vents, one quiche too many and some curly sandwiches.

“Anybody want to take this almuce home? No? Thought not.”